270WSM Ammo ????

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  1. rdt270

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    Nov 6, 2011
    Well I hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving. Didnt no where to post this exactly so here I am. First I'll say that I dont reload (yet)but i am working on it. I shoot an Abolt 270wsm and have shot only Win XP3's thru it which do very well. My problem is there hard to find in stock locally and the only place that does carry them locally wants $68.00 a box. My question is of the factory stuff available which do you guys use and like? I'm looking at the Federal 140gr Accubonds or the Fusion. Not sure if my gun will like either of these so i'm looking for suggestions.
  2. winmag

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I took a nice Oregon book bear with my 270 wsm &150 gr Fed Fusions, as well as a few deer. Very imprressed with them for factory stuff, & the price was right ......-in comparison-......

    That said, I don't use box ammo anymore. Strictly "Roll yer owns".& in my 270 wsm I load 140 Accubonds. They work well on bears too. Last bear was August this year, 190 yds drt.....
    My cousin just dropped his Elk a week ago with the 140 Accubonds I loaded for his 270 wsm. They hit like Thor's hammer!
    So, imo, as far as bullet selection you chose well, but untill you handload I'd fling Fusions & put the $ your "saving" towards loading equipment. Again just my opinion based on my personal experience with the 2 bullets you mentioned, but I've never tried Accubonds in box ammo.
    Good luck
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    Jan 21, 2008
    While I reload almost exclusively, I try to find a factory load in case my bags get lost and I need to buy ammo. I have had good succes with Federal Premium 140 gr.Accubonds. I use both 140 Accubonds and Ballistic Tips in my hand loads. All hit to the same point of iimpact in my Model 70.