.264 Win Mag load development time


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Jan 16, 2010
I have an older .264 Win Mag and I love it. I use it mainly for Coyotes here in Southwest Indiana. I haven't shot 140 gr bullets but here is the load I use and out to about 575 yds it's a no brainer;
Primer - CCI #250
Powder - IMR 4831 66.5 gr
Velocity - 3498 ft/sec
Bullet - Sierra 107 gr HBPT
Zeroed @ 300 yds.

Another Load:

Primer - CCI#250
Powder IMR 4831 62.1 gr
Velocity - 3253 ft/sec
Bullet - Sierra 120 gr Spitzer

Both of these are shooting about .600 to .75 group

Recoil on both of these are equivalent or less than my .243 I'm seriously considering one of the Sendero's but I'm trying to find some info on the recoil, if mine had a bdl barrell, I would not use any other rifle. After about 3 rounds you have to let it cool down. If yours is anything like mine, you'll love it. It wouldn't bother me to hunt any animal here in the US with this gun.
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Jul 20, 2009
Thanks for the load info Balance. Good stuff! Recoil with the .264 Sendero SFII with this potent load is very pleasant. Significantly less than my sporter weight 7mm RM shooting 180 Bergers @ 3000FPS.

I shot five 3 shot groups at 1000yds with the .264 Sendero with the 140 Berger, RL22 load. The wind value was constantly varying 2 to 7mph, but my main objective was to see what kind of vertical dispersion this load would print at 1000yds. As you can see the wind became more challenging as the morning progressed.

Group 1- 3 inch vertical dispersion, 8 inch group
Group 2- 2 inch vertical, 9 inch group
Group 3- 3.5 inch vertical , 10 inch group
Group 4- 5 inch vertical, 12 inch group
group 5- 5 inch vertical, 14 inch group

I was shooting the .264 back to back against my 300WSM shooting 190 Bergers @ 3000fps. Under favorable wind conditions my 300WSM is a solid 7 inch rifle @1000. Under the aforementioned wind conditions the .264 was shooting a little bit inside of the 300WSM. I was impressed.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this load for the .264 Sendero. I'm getting about 3200fps with the Berger 140, very satisifed with the vertical dispersion, and under favorable wind conditions this load should be good for at least .7 moa @ 1000.

I'm sad to say I am loading up a batch for the proud owner and reluctantly giving him the rifle back. We shoot and hunt together so I will keep tabs on this rig and report any further developments.

One last bit of info on the load. Bullets seated .060 from the lands.

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