.264 Win Mag Long range load?


Aug 17, 2009
Just bought a model 700 sedero in .264 with a bushnell 4200 elite long range tactical scope. I am trying various handloads and just want to hear from anybody who has had good results from their loads. Please share!
A buddy of mine shoots the 140 amax out of his 264. We shot out to 900yards this last weekend. The amax did very well. That cartridge shoots flat compared to my 308 and even my 243 at that range. He has the bushnell 4200 also and really likes it. He has not hunted with the amax so I can't comment to that end. I don't know what powder he is using. I definitely see a 6.5 of some kind in my future. Good hunting.
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i just bought a box of 140 gr a max today and a jug of retumbo, but can only find a hornady load for retumbo. Can you find out what powder your friend was using? Greatly appreciated!

Glad to see I am not the only one shooting this rig. I own a Sendero as well, and I love this caliber in this rifle. I use 140 Berger VLD's @3200fps. This combination hits like Thor's hammer. As far as accuracy goes, at 100yds. its a jagged 1 hole group on paper. I zero at 200 yds with my scope and it will shoot .5-.75 moa all day long. After having done that, I was off to the steel plates and silhouettes. Shooting at 550 meters at our range, it will put them right where I aim with this load.
Give the Berger's a try, you will not be disappointed.
As far as finding load data for the 264 Win. Mag. Its a little on the scarce side as you probably all ready know.

I'm shooting the 264 Sendero with 140Amax and Retumbo. Accuracy is very good, but I have not chronoed it yet. I found load info on the Hogdon website. I'll have to go find my exact load and let you know tomorrow. I know it is Winchester brass and CCI 250.
Just trying out the amax and retunbo as i got that message but let me know your load too please. IAN
really oal of 3.733? all i can get is 3.310. they also only claim a max length of 3.34. anyway i did two loads with retumbo and a-max: 59.7 gr and 63 grains both with wlrm primers and winchester brass. hopefully get a chance to shoot this weekend! Thanks
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