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Jan 16, 2004
So. IN
I am needing data for my new toy.
I have a rem 700, 27" Lilja 1x8 twist bbl.
Would like some UP TO DATE load data. Also I have all the load manuals which I think are quite conservative. Will be shooting 140 A-maxes. RL19 & RL22 load data.

Isaac get you some Reloader 19 and 22 and take your manuals and start at the lowest load for the specific bullet weight and add
a few grains at a time until you reach the desired velocity, accuracy,energy combination. Some of the best loads you will ever shoot are the ones you develope yourself!You can get some ideas from others about what their rifles will shoot but no two rifles are the same and you will be better off developing your own data.
I realize that all rifles are different. I'm not looking for someones "pet loads". I do all my own load development. What I'm lookin for is max charges, a certain like or dislike for a certain powder- in several different rifles. Most cartridges like a certain powder or velocity range. Basically, I'm looking for a starting point.

My favorite round is .264WM. I have had great success with H4831. If you want my data, send me a pm and I'll forward to you. Have been experimenting with loads for 140gr only, but used Barnes XLC's, Nosler Partition, Nosler SST's, and Rem Corelokt's. I'm also shooting a 26" bbl #6 contour with a 1-9 twist and a muzzle break.
Frank have you tried any WMR? How about H1000,IMR 7828 or R25? These are good powders or at least I have had great results with them.Continued success to you with your loads.
I agree with nighthunter. I have had great results with H4831. Email me and I will send you some of my loads. Had some good results with H-1000 and IMR 7828 too. I use 140 noslers and barnes for the most part.
My best load has been:
Brass:Winchester trimmed to 2.5"
Primer: Fed 215 match
Powder: IMR 7828
Charge: 63.5gr
C.O.L. 3.220"
Bullet: 140 gr Sierra Gameking
Using an old Remington 700 with a well used 24" barrel I was getting groups that averaged .4"-.75 @ 100yds. Muzzle velocity averaged about 3130fps.
I got almost as good performance with Nosler Partitions.
I have tried H1000 also but didn't have enough time to play with primers to make it work well.
Fellows - There was an article in Handloader magazine No. 194 about using VihtaVuori 24N41 powder in the 264 Winchester Magnum. The author said this powder is very similar to the old H570 powder. However; no load specific data was published. Would like to develop loads using this powder and various .264 bullets in the 264 Win. Mag. Any suggestions on where to start?
I tried Re 22 but couldn't get the velocity I wanted before getting pressure signs. The 264 really shines with Retumbo, my load is 68.4 grains, WW cases, Fed 215M primers, Berger 140 VLD .010 off the lands and gives me 3260 fps out of my 28 inch Broughton 8 twist barrel.
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