.257 weatherby mag


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Oct 10, 2009
angus glens, scotland
guys what are your ideas on the .257wm? I`ve been thinking about one for awhile but very few people in the U.k. have one. I used to have a .25-06rem and loved it how would the two compare? Also alot of folks say the weatherby mags are bad for recoil, what do you think? all of my rigs are moderated so would this cancel out some of the recoil isuses?

just thought I`d chuck this out there and see what you think, cheers:)
Awesome rifle to 650 yards. Then the low BC drops off the table after that. Mine shoots a barnes 100 grain TSX 3780 fps and groups them in 1 1/2" at 400 yards. Shot a caribou at 486 yards this year and my son dropped his big buck antelope through the heart at 512 yards. It is an awesome laser out to 650 or so. Very fun to shoot and shoots faster than my 257 STW. Way faster than my 25-06 AI.
I absolutely love mine. It's a stainless Vanguard with a wood stock. I wasn't going to say how fast it shoots 100 TSXs for fear nobody would believe me but I'm getting 3725 out of mine. The brass is very expensive so I've taking to running 7mmMag brass through my 257Wby dies. 264RemMag work as well but I can never find any. They have a shorter neck but still have plenty to hold your bullet firmly. Norma brass does last longer though.
Recoil is probably on par with a 30-06. Very manageble. During the last two weeks this gun has shot two antelope in Wyoming, (660yd, 150yds), a coyote in Montana, (577yd), and two deer in Idaho, (225yd, 250yd).
Buy one! it's a great caliber!
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The 257 WBY is by far my favorite hunting rifle for white tail and antelope. I bought my son one when he was 13 and he has become one with that rifle. I have offered to get him a larger bore rifle but he declines. He said when I start killing more further out than he does he will step up but until then he is sticking with the 257.
The 257WBY is a 25-06 on steroids and the recoil is not anything to be concerned about.

It is a really fast and flat shooting rifle. Both of the rifles we have really like the Barnes bullets and we are getting the same speed as the other posters.
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