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Dec 5, 2017
Just picked up a new wby accuguard in 257 wby. Trying to decide on a bullet to try out and loads to start off with. Whitetails, Muleys and antelope are what I plan on hunting with it, Probly 500 yards max. Planning on trying the 110 accubond. Been wanting to give the hammers a try, rifle is a 1-10” twist, was looking at the 116 sledge hammer or 121 hammer hunter. But not sure if issues with stabilizing them. I have h1000, 7828, rl25 and 4831. Any info appreciated, thanks!
I have not reloaded any for it yet!! But have been shooting 110gr Accubonds and am very pleased with the performance. I have taken deer from 48yds out to 500 with them. I plan on using 7828ssc and H1000, 215m primers
Several of us are getting great performance with the 115 Berger and H1000. See if AzShooter responds, he's the .257 Wby guru.
Several of us are getting great performance with the 115 Berger and H1000. See if AzShooter responds, he's the .257 Wby guru.

that was another one I’m gonna try out, i shoot the 185 vld in my 300 wby and they shoot awesome
A 257wby is a great kids Gun!!!! Lil to no recoil. I love mine in my vanguard. Picked up a 300wby Mark V this past January and so I am using it this year or I would still be rolling my 257wby, I let my best friends oldest use it this year, he’s currently in the 8th grade.
Several of us are getting great performance with the 115 Berger and H1000. See if AzShooter responds, he's the .257 Wby guru.

What kind of accuracy and velocity can a guy expect with a Mark five with these bullets? I have had some thoughts.
Dave, no two barrels perform the same. With the Bergers we are averaging a hair over 1/2 MOA @ 200 yds.
Hope your thoughts are decent.
I bought some of the Weatherby Select ammo in the Black Box with 100 grain bullets because at $48 a box it was cheaper than brass. With 3 shot groups it would do well under 1/2 MOA at 3550 fps, out of my 257 Bee Ultra Lightweight. For handloads, the Hornady 117 grain bullet would do the same accuracy wise.
I had the best luck with RL 22 and 100 grain bullets in my 257 wby when i had one. Just couldn't get it to shoot with H1000 or RL 25.
Regarding of the bullet, try RL22. It has consistently performed for my rifle in all three barrels that have been on it. IMR 7828 may get higher velocity with the heavier bullets, so your rifle will have to decide which powder for accuracy. I’ve been shooting the 115 Bergers for the last few seasons but have killed a bunch with 100 grain bullets also.
Shoot the bullet/powder combination that your rifle likes, coming out of the big 257, it will kill well.
Guru? Not really. Have used H1000 which is slow but very temp stable. Gravitated to RL-25 and even RL-33 with the heavier bullets in a 257 Weatherby.

I would suggest the 115 Berger but it is a VLD and can be finicky with a factory chamber. (we built 6 rifles with a custom reamer with different throat angle etc and all shoot the VLD well) I would give it a try. If it shoots well the bullet will kill well. The load data from Nosler says 72 grs is max for their 115 ballistic tip. You should be able to do similar with the 115 VLD.

I have taken 12 coues wt and one antelope to date. The other guys have taken another 15 coues, 4 mule deer, 6 elk another antelope and 2 javelina.

The 110 accubond would be a great choice with RL-25. Nosler mentions using RL-25 with the 115 ballistic tip but not the 110 accubond. Max charge weight for 115 is 72 grains. Looking at RL-22 and comparing for 110 and 115 I think you could go up (carefully) to 73-74 of RL-25. Unfortunately my notes on this combination was using Moly coated 110s which is higher.

Lots of folks love the 100 TTSX which will shoot flatter but won't buck the wind quite as well as higher BC bullets.
100 partition and 120 speer with rl 25 shoot 1/2 “ or better. Will have velocities after santa brings magnetospeed
I had great accuracy with 115vlds and 115 ballistic tips and 7828.
If ur interested in hammer bullets I’d try the 92gr
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