257 wby load

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It’s right there on the Barnes website.
then why did they use a 1/10 twist when developing the data for that bullet in the manual?
Because their stuck with running standard twist rates due to sammi. The old green hill formula for twist rates is outdated but manufacturers still use it that’s why it’s hard for major bullet companies to make high bc cup and core or mono bullets. They have to meet the demand of the average consumer so as to sell enough bullets to make a profit.
Bmccart, an accurate load for one may not be accurate for your rifle. To test all suggested loads you could be out a lot of cash. Perhaps an extended search of this and other sites to gather a consensus for two or three bullet/loads could save time and money. Luckily I found a very accurate load for my .257's very quickly with this method. Good luck
I shoot the 110 Bib in mine. They have a .520 bc and shoot great. I like 7828 in mine meaning all 3 of them I own. I'm a big fan of the 257wby and have shot well over 30 whitetails with this round. I can recall one buck running about 20 yards the rest of them lung soup and DRT. If you run the numbers with the Bib 110 at 3400 it's still got 1200 ft pounds at 660 yards. I'm going to play with rl26 and see how it does. I get 100 to 200 fps more speed with it in many cartridges so far. If your hunting closer than 300 alot the Barnes 100 ttsx is a beast. I use it when woods hunting for me that's 150 yards or closer. You should see 3600 with a 24 inch barrel with 7828. Don't use rl22 unless you chrono your loads at hunting temperature and adjust your data. It will slow down alot in the cold.
I have a very accurate 120 grain speer load at max book listed velocity and a 100 partition, I need to shoot them over my new Magnetospeed to be able to give the best info. Stay tuned
Following. Still looking for that one best for all uses load.
that would be the 120 grain partition! Tough enough to penetrate deep , do massive tissue damage at a wide velocity range . Put it in the vitals of a deer, , pronghorn, black bear or elk at a reasonable range and you’ll have a dead animal! That’s about as good of a general all use bullet you’ll find for a 257 wby. Load it with imr 7828 or h1000, whichever gives you best accuracy and that’s your best for all uses load! I had great results using the 117 Hornady sst on deer! Took one of my better bucks with it plus numerous does! Never had a deer run more than 15-20 yards after the shot. In looking for a better bc I started using the Speer 120 gr btsp. Shot 2 Indiana bucks that weighed over 250 pounds each with that bullet. One at 425 yards and the other at 75 yards. Both drt. You can use Berger’s , accubonds and other designer bullets in the 257 Weatherby but It did everything I wanted it to do with great results with standard hunting bullets!
I have shot mostly the 115 berger with mine...over 7828ssc and H1000..I get the best speed out of 1000..and the best groups out of 7828....I did shoot 110 accubond and 100 hornady...but the berger is been the best for me...when I get its new tube I will try the 131 blackjacks...
I shoot 115 Barnes TTSX, 120 Gr Accubond and 120 Nos partitions, A square and the like, some shoot better than others but they all shoot well. 68 grs I7828, Fed 215, Wby Brass. IDK why some folks have trouble over 100 grs...her rifle is 1/10.
If you want a best for all uses bullet but you are gonna include elk and run a 1-10 twist then I would put my money on the 115 or 120gr Partition. If you are gonna go to a faster twist barrel then look at the heavier Hammers and the 131 ACE.

As far as the Berger-- I just killed a 150+lb boar last night... 100 yards. The impact velocity would be around 3200fps and it was fired from a 1-7.5 twist barrel.

Pig dropped in his tracks and the Berger did what Bergers do which is mild penetration followed by explosive trauma. The bullet zipped right through the tough boar hide, an inch of fat, then another inch of neck muscle and literally disintegrated his spinal cord next to the brain stem. I literally cut his head off with a pocket knife and didn't have to separate any vertebrae.
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