257 wby load

I've shot the 115 tsx with H1000 and 215m primers never had an issue with stabilization shot a 400 pound boar hog with my WBY Accumark with that load the animal didn't twitch. Have harvested numerous whitetails with that load as well found they ran a little with it when hit behind the shoulder from 100 to 375 yards. For deer I have switched to 100 tsx/ttsx and RL22/MRP and 215 primers its like the Vulcan death ray to these VA whitetails.

Good luck and shoot straight y'all
I am running a Vanguard II in 257 'bee. It really likes the 120 Partition chased by 75 grains of Vihtavuori N570. Work up carefully this is max working load in my rifle but shoots under .6 most. Dave
I have a 257 weatherby that has been in the family since I was a boy.... All we have ever used in it were regular cup bullets on deer. They have never even taken a step with the amount of hydrostatic shock they produce...
In my opinion solids are for elk shooting heavy bone.... It's mostly about placement with the type of bullet you are using....
On deer I use 115 ballistic tips and they will dump their energy by fragmenting and shock the deer well... They will still leave a big hole on a off side shoulder shot for the exit at 100. They just get better at range though... They might not make it through 2 shoulders past 200 but it will drop them easy up to 400....
257 weatherby is made for a skilled off hand shooter and benefit mostly close range shooting(less than 500 yards) and stalking. My dad trapped coyotes for a living when I was a boy, and he would track desert deer in the early mornings by finding dry tracks in the sand after the dew fell. He would hike me for hours following tracks... We usually spooked them after they bedded down and my father was great at Downing a moving target off hand. Sadly very few even know how to track a deer who hunt these days or have much experience shooting off hand.
For longer shots than 400 and glass hunting, I would recommend a 7mm mag of some sort for deer.
I have a 10twist custom, I shoot the 115 Berger and haven't had any trouble on whitetail 50- 450yds . I also have shot the 100gr ttsx , it shot great, I just prefer the Berger. Shoot both over RL 22. Going to try 23 and 26 when I run out of 22.
Has anyone experience with the 110 gr ELDX on game at .257 WM velocities? I'm looking to develop a LR load for both my 25-06s and new Vanguard in .257. I've heard the 120 Speer is a little 'soft' at closer ranges.... The Hornady 117 SPBT always did well on deer for me, but its BC is too low for an ideal LR load, in my opinion....
Going to start developing a load for my new 257 wby. It’s a vanguard accuguard with a 1-10 barrel. I’m wanting to shoot a 110+ gr bullet. Whitetails, muleys, antelope and will be taken as a backup elk rifle. Wanting something that will accomplish any of the above. 5-600 yard max

110 nosler accubond
115 or 120 nosler partition
110 hornady interbond (heard these are too tough for deer sized game)
115 Berger vld (heard these don’t hold up well at 257 velocity at short range)
116 hammer sledge hammer
121 hammer hunter

I want to see and hear some real world experience with these in a 257 and what you would recommend. I’ve never shot any of the hammers yet but been wanting to give them a try.
117 sierras and 115 BT noslers shoot very very well with 67 of 7828. But they are soft. Not for close range. The 117 Hornady ILBT is an excellent bullet on deer. Close they will be on the opposite hide and far they still open. 115 and 120 Nosler partitions are insurance.
Five of us use the 115 Berger in our 257 Weatherbys. To date we have combined kills of:

27 coues wt
7 elk
4 mule deer
2 antelope (hard to get drawn)

Typical performance is one shot kills with most bullets exiting.
Looking hard at this discussion as I am in the process of selling the 25-06 and going to the bee...shots in Alberta could be 50 yards, could be 500 yards, and bear and elk could pop in. Think the cup and core bullets are out. 100 gr TTSX? 110 Accubond? 110 grain Innerbond is the 3 bullets i have on the bench.
[QUOTE="Double Dropper, post: 1825869,
Think the cup and core bullets are out. 100 gr TTSX? 110 Accubond? 110 grain Innerbond is the 3 bullets i have on the bench.

I think I would go with the Accubond out of the three. I have had nothing but success with them in other guns.
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