257 wby load


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Dec 5, 2017
Going to start developing a load for my new 257 wby. It’s a vanguard accuguard with a 1-10 barrel. I’m wanting to shoot a 110+ gr bullet. Whitetails, muleys, antelope and will be taken as a backup elk rifle. Wanting something that will accomplish any of the above. 5-600 yard max

110 nosler accubond
115 or 120 nosler partition
110 hornady interbond (heard these are too tough for deer sized game)
115 Berger vld (heard these don’t hold up well at 257 velocity at short range)
116 hammer sledge hammer
121 hammer hunter

I want to see and hear some real world experience with these in a 257 and what you would recommend. I’ve never shot any of the hammers yet but been wanting to give them a try.
I shot many deer with a 257. It was always at its best with heavier bullets. It is not a reliable 500yd gun. Out to about 400 it is a real hammer on whitetails.
I run a 100 grain Barnes and Ramshot magnum in a 25 improved. My wife killed her first elk with it last year. Don’t be afraid to use a lighter mono bullet the results are impressive.
Elk, 120 grain partition or grand slam, 115tsx are your best choices. Deer, I’ve used 117 gr sst’s , IMO, better than ballistic tips, or my fave 257 wby bullet a Speer 120 grain btsp or hot core. As far as long range capabilities, run the numbers on a .48 bc 120 gr 257 bullet starting at 3350fps
I used the 115nosler ballistic tips in mine, same rifle, vanguard.
Over 67.5gr of 7828 they were accurate. I was at 3280fps and the velocity really buys you good wind deflection out to 5-600.
You need to use the 92gr hammers, pretty sure the heavier ones all need faster twists
That is correct same as the 92 grain cooking 3500 FPS. Flat shooting and decent wind drift to 500 yards.
Friend of mine has a 257 WBY. I'm pretty sure he had trouble getting anything over 100 gn to shoot well.
It’s right there on the Barnes website.

i shot them, work fine, don’t see any recommend on the barnse website !
I’ve been shooting the 115 Bergers and do not get exits which I don’t like. I’m looking to change as well. The mono bullets should work very well at 257 Bee velocities.

OP with a 10 twist you aren’t going to be able to run the Hammer bullets you listed.
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