.257 Roberts


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Oct 12, 2004
Kuna, ID
My wife had this gun passed down from her grandmother and they did some of their own custom work to it. Basically hacking off the butt of the stock so a women could shoot it. It is a remingtion model 722. Does anyone know where I can get a synthetic stock for it?

Richard's Microfit stocks if you don't mind doing the final fit and finish you can get a second or laminate for less than 1/4 of the price anywhere else. I got a AAA for my Ruger M77 .257 for $125.00 and when it's done will look like a $1000.00 stock. gun)
I have a few M722's and have used M700 ADL style stocks with some slight modifications. Find a stock you like for a M700 and check with the manufacturer about using it for a M722. I doubt you will find a stock specifically for the M722.
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