25-06 and 215yd whitetail doe


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I had a doe tag for the walla walla unit that started the 31st. I only had this weekend to get it done and over with because next weekend my elk season starts.

I didn't get a chance to make it up in the morning, had to do a few things. I called up a buddy of mine that owns around 10,000 acres and asked if he wanted to take me up to fill a doe tag in the evening, he said no problem.

Weather has been crappy lately, 15-25 mph winds, so I figured they would be in the draws out of the wind, instead of being out in the wheatfields.

We got a really late start up there and only had about 1.5 hours to hunt. We saw 3 muley does at 975 yards, but with that 20mph wind, it was definately a no go. On top of that, I forgot the right box of shells for my 338 EDGE, so I didn't have any bullets. Good thing I brought the 25-06 for the coyotes, so I ended up having to use that. The original plan was to try and shoot a doe around 1K and get it on video, but I just dont have the time and weather wasn't cooperating.

We went on up the road to a draw where he said was always good for seeing deer. We parked the truck and walked about 300 yards out to the brakes of the draw. I immediately spotted a deer about 200 yards out. I looked through the scope and could see it was a nice white tail doe. I told my friend to plug his ears. I sat down, flipped the legs out on the harris bipod, and settled in. I had the 6-18x leupold on 10x. Wind was coming from L to R about 15-20 MPH. The doe was facing away at a hard quartering angle. I put the crosshairs on her hip bone to compensate for the wind. At the touch of the 2# trigger, I heard the 100g NBT slap home instantly, and watched the doe drop like sack of potatoes. I ranged her after I shot her with the swaro and it said 215. Not LR by any means, but I'll take it given my circumstances.

It was just before legal shooting light when I shot her, and by the time we got back to the truck for knives and the camera and took pics, it was pretty much dark.

The 100g NBT at 3500fps did a number on her. It pretty much entered where I was holding, on the right hip bone, plowed up through her back and exited behind the left shoulder.

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