.243 Win Remington ADL Synthetic


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
Hello all, I took my money off my Sendero in .300 Win because I'm not making enough money right now to get it out anytime soon. So I took the alternative route and got me a new coyote gun. Short, light, and compact and better than any .22 Centerfire. It is a Rem 700 ADL synthetic. Got it brand new for $351. My plan is to use it for coyotes up and out to 600 yards. Right now am just about done breaking in the barrel. I cleaned after the first shot for 10 shots. Then I cleaned after every 3 shots for 30 shots. I now have 40 rounds through it and I think I'm pretty much done breaking it in. I'm wanting to use the 55g or 70g Nosler BT's for the coyotes. The twist is a 1 in 9 1/4, would the 107g SMK work in that twist? The barrel is only 22" so velocity isn't going to be the best. I have a Leupold VX2, 6-18 target setting atop Leupold bases and rings. Any good loads or recomendations are welcomed.
You may find the 87gr V-max a good compromise. It has a much better BC than the really light bullets and it will be good'n stable.
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