.243 superior to .260


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Jul 24, 2009
I hope I am not out of line with posting a link to a discussion on another forum, but I highly value the practical experience on this forum.

Indecisive. .260 or .243 - Sniper's Hide Forums

I am on the side that the .243 is a great general use caliber in my native state of Texas since the deer are small and it is sufficient on most things besides certain imported exotics, the larger mule deer might be questionable, and maybe or maybe not antelope. However, for long range hunting, I'm partial to the .30-06, .308, and planning to build a .260 after all the great things I have researched about it.

I found it odd that on the other forum, the .243 was so highly regarded and there were some bold statements made about its superiority to the .260.
looks opposite to me. I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE LOADING EITHER OF THESE, but looking at Hornady's 7th edition, 243win 95-100gr SP(b.c. .381) bulletts, MAX load of 42.5-47.9 grains of powder gets 3000fps

260 Rem95-100 gr SP (b.c. .358) only takes 38.1-46.4 grains to reach 3000fps, and can reach 3100fps with 39.5-41.8 grains and Max load 3200fps with47.4-49.4 grains.

Apples to apples, same bullet, (slight dif in b.c.) = 200fps for 260 Rem. These were the only bullet wts. that lined up across the board in this book.

6mm(243) vs. 6.5(264) Both based off the parent 308 win case.This should be a good arguement for the small bore guys, I cant wait to learn something from this one. hmmmmmm
Well, I shoot 95 grain VLD's ( BC=518 @ 3090 ) and 105 A-Max ( BC=500 @ 2800 ) max loads with H4350 . Very pleased with the accuracy.

When I built my 243 availibility and selection of components tipped the scale to the 243 over the 260. Plus you can buy 243 ammo just about anywhere . I believe that 260 would be much harder to find on the shelf.

Can't go wrong with either but 243 would be easier to find components for.

I've tried both and they are both very capable rounds but i think the .260 is well in front especially as a long range round (just give the 140 amax a try!) the only advantage of the 243 is factory ammo and to be honest i think anyone into long range on this forum is most likely a reloader ?
For hunting coyotes or varmints at long range where energy is not an issue, the 243 with 115 gr. bullets will be superior to the 260 with the 140 gr. or any other bullet. In trajectory and windage. Look on 6mmbr.com and click on 243 and 260 or 6.5 284 etc... Compare and read on, you will be amazed at what the little 243 is capable of.
I'm not knocking on the 260, I have one and love it, but I also have a custom 243 that shoots the 115 d-tacs @ 3,000 fps and it beats the 260 hands down in every way but energy retained.gun)
243 has 115 DTACS at 3000 fps, 260 has 140's at about 2800 fps. Both will be pretty close, with the 260 having more energy.
on the other forum they are talking a 7.5 twist barrel for a 243. full custom guns with krieger barrels or equivalent. i have competed out to 1000 yards against all calibers. the two you are talking the .243 and the 260 about are very very close. the .243 is harder on barrels .
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