Superior Ballistics & SMc Cartridges

Natty Bumpo

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Jan 4, 2008
Anybody heard much about these lately. I remember reading some about their 5mm cartridge in the gun rags a couple/few years ago. I think the Savage custom shop would chamber a rifle in this cartridge, so I guess brass was available too.

Any news on new chambering availability? I saw on their website ( where chambering reamers and headspace gauges were available for a variety of designs, but can you get brass for these? I like the notion of designing the cartridge to wring the most out of each grain of powder for a given caliber (forgive me if I'm getting this part of it wrong).
Well, it's been 2 years since my previous post. I was looking at their website again today ( Doesn't appear to have changed since I last looked at it. As I stated two years ago: I like the idea of engineering cartridge design to maximize powder efficiency. But they don't appear to have gotten much traction with their idea.

Anybody have any updates?
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