210 smk's anyone using them?


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Oct 22, 2008
Vancouver, WA
Is anyone using this bullet on elk or anything else? I noticed it has a pretty high BC for its weight at .645. The 220smk is .629 and the berger 210 is .631. I was thinking it might be the way to go in my brother and my recently built 300rum's. My brothers will not shoot the 240gr smk under about 4" at 100 and mine will shoot them about .5". They are built to the same specs so I found this kinda strange. Both of our rifles will shoot the 180smk very well bout .5". My bro just took a black tail at 755 yards with the 180smk and the bullet preformed pretty well. It was quartered away, hitting a rib on the entry and exit and a 2" exit wound. the lungs were soup with no meat damage. It does worry me a bit using the 180smk on elk. He would like to shoot a heavier bullet with a higher bc on elk so I thought I would try to get some info on this one. Any help on the 210 would be appreciated.
Giving this a bump, I would like to know if anyone is using this bullet too. I have not been to the range do to the snow (and no vehicle), to test out the Berger 210's I have loaded up.
I shoot the 210 SMK out of my .300 Wby. 80.5 gr. H1000 2975fps.

Sometimes I can get them to shoo 1" groups at 300yds. I shot one antelope at 650 with it and one elk at 300. I could not tell you performance as they were pass thru.
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