.204 hammer bullets


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Apr 25, 2014
Planning on building a 20 practical when I get back in the states next summer for a calling gun. Wondering if anyone has any experience with the 39gr hammer hunter in a 10 twist? I know it will be right in the edge for FULL stability, but might work well? Also any insight on fur damage on, say, bobcats? Trying to figure out a good bullet for coyotes and bobcats both. I know the hammer bullets are spoken highly of on the big game side, but not much info on the small stuff. Any info would be much appreciated!
I would think a 10 twist would work but call Steve and find out for sure, as far as the bullet performance it will be the same as every other Hammer 4 petals and a slug so I would think it would work fine as far as being fur friendly
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