1st round hits


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Jun 22, 2011
New Mexico
Now that deer season is coming around I decided to see what my 25-06 could do for first round hits out to 700 yds. I know this is not longrange for some but it is for me especially with a small 115 gr bullet. Getting pretty hooked on the long range shooting thing and cant wait for my 338 LM to be done.

25-06 load:

115 gr berger
54 gr of H4831sc
.010 from the lands

I shot 1 shot in 100 yard increments starting at 300 yds and ending at 700 yards. I shot at 600 yards twice because I pulled a shot to the left as you can see on the plate but it was still a hit. I was pleased with my 700 yard shot as it almost hit the center of the orange. I let the barrel cool for about 15 to 20 minutes before I fired each round. The shooter app puts me pretty much dead on with my velocity reading so it sure makes it a lot easier.

I tried this last week and I was hitting all over the place especially at 500+ yds. I have come to the conclusion that this rifle doesnt like to shoot dirty. It was shooting fine after the prior cleaning but I had put about 40 to 50 rds through it without cleaning it and after that it just started putting rounds all over the place. I cleaned it one evening with BoreTech CU+2 and let it sit with CU+2 in it for about 10 hrs while I was at work. Came back and cleaned it all up and it looked spotless. No copper at all. Took it out and made sure it was zeroed at 100 and started at 300. My first round hits are below. It really built my confidence up to shoot this far with this kind of performance. I hope I get a long shot at a deer in two weeks!

Great practice and it sounds like you are getting to know that rifle well. This is where the confidence comes from. As for that LR deer, it reminds me of a quote I like very well.

" Luck is when Preperation and Opertunity come together"

Good luck!

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