150 grn Accubond for elk?


Mar 11, 2012
I recently purchased a Browning A-Bolt Long Range Hunter in a 300 Win Mag. The most accurate and consistant load is 150 grn Accubond @ 3300 fps. Whats everybodys opinion of this load for elk out to 800 yds?
Im not sure if the 150 ab has enough left in it at 800 for elk., You need to be doing at least 1800 fps for the Accu-bond to relably expand, Given that the 150 AB has a bc of only.435 it is shedding velocity very quickly. My ballistics program is messed up right now oterwise I would run some numbers for you. What other weight ab's did you try?
might want to try the 200 gn AB's I have had great luck getting these to shoot and boy they hit really hard! and the BC is up to .588 so they carry the velocity better down range
I'll second the 200 gr. bullet. Not only will you have a lot more punch at long range, you will have a much higher BC and superior wind drift numbers.
The 150 is not a long range bullet.
I agree with Mike. The accubond would be my last choice for an elk bullet...particularly at close range where the accubond has the tendency to detonate much like a hunting ballistic tip, SST, etc. will do. Different bullet and atleast 50 grains heavier.
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