140 Berger...wow!!


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Aug 14, 2011
Well, just got back from my 2nd elk trip this year. My 338 win mag was acting up so I left it home....sending the scope in to have it checked. I was a little nervous, but I decided to take my new Gunwerks 6.5x284. 140 grain Bergers and trophy sized elk didn't seem like a great match to me. Boy was I wrong!

1st bull was taken across a large canyon at 752 yards:). 1 shot and he piled up within 10 yards! Actually got an exit on the off shoulder....amazing. 2nd bull was a bit closer...435 yards. Bull took a lung shot and made it about 20 yards before falling over. No exit, but like the other bull, bled out very quickly inside the chest cavity. Both hunts took place out of state for me and both were guided. The guides and the spotters were amazed at the effects that these "little bullets" had on these big bulls. "Holy crap! I've never seen anything like that! Did you see how fast he went down?". This and similar comments ruled both days.

2 shots and 2 dead bulls....within a combined 30 yds from where they were shot. Made a believer out of me!!
Hunting or target VLD's ? or Hybrids.
Post pics when you can.
I was wondering because I have a 6.5 WSM that I was starting to test the Hybrids.
Awww, you sound just like all the other guys using Berger hunting VLD's. I am assuming you were using the HVLD's?
I'm shooting the 140 HVLD's out of a 270 WSM this year and hope to have a chance to see for myself.
Sounds like great shooting friend... and I want pix too!
Ok...ok!:). I will try and figure out how to post pictures this evening. Actually, I'll ask my wife to help me....hahaha

As far as the bullets....I just bought the ammo from Gunwerks. I believe the bullets would be the regular hunting vld, but am not positive. I am keeping all of the brass I shoot in case I get into reloading. As of the moment, I have a wife and two small children. I've had to give up hobbies...forget about picking up new ones:( I hunted elk for 13 days out of the last 30. And that's not including travel time.....pushing my luck as it is! Thank God my wife and kids like elk meat:)
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