1000 yard tv shoot


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
All right guys here is the deal. In my local area we have a fundraiser for kids for somethign or another. I have never participated in this contest. It is a pretty big competition with over 100 shooters and people as far from Alaska attend. It is limited to hunting rifles and cant be like a 50 BMG or anything either. Now what they do is stick 27" tv's out at 1000 yards and you only get 1, I repeat 1 shot to break the glass. You dont even get any sighter shots. This last year, out of the 100 people, only 3 hit it on the 1st shot. They then had to have a shoot off. The guy who finally ended up winning was using a accurized Weatherby Accumark in 30-378 and hit 3-5 shots. The Prize is $100. Since I am getting somewhat of a decent long range gun, (.300 Win in a sendero, while shooting 200g SMK's) do you think I would have a good chance of hitting the tv on the 1st shot at 1000 yards if I practice all through the fall and winter? With my 25/06 I was about 6-7 out of 10 for milk jugs at 600 yards. Even if I dont hit it, I will still have a lot of fun and have a chance to get to know more about the equipment and meet some really nice guys. Is there any kind of special equipment I should have or know about? My scope is the newer Leupold VX2, 6-18 Target. Would this scope have enough MOA and be decent enough out to 1000 yards? Thanks for any help.
with my limited expirence compared to the others on the board. i have found that the burris signature rings are the best bet for long range factory shooting. you can get the regular rings STDs or get your self set of weaver style zee rings with the inserts and a ken farrell long range base for 42$ from sinclair. put some 20s in front and back ring you will get 40 out of the rings and 20 out of the base with 60moa total you should do great.
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