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Feb 25, 2012
Hi all,

Just trying to decide what scope to put on my .308, budget is $1000AU and maximum range is between 500-600 meters on dingoes (wild dogs) and pigs. Most is shooting is done in the 30 mins before sun up and after sun down.

I don't like target turrets, much prefer a ballistic or mildot type Recticle, i have narrowed it down to a few choices.

Zeiss Conquest 4.5 - 14 X 44
Elite 4-16x 40mm
VX3 4.5-14 X 40
VX3L 4.5-14 X 50
Swarovski 3-10x42 Z3

I'm leaning towards the Zeiss or VX3L. It would be nice to be able to see 6mm holes in paper at 100m. Light transmission is very important and a fair eye relief.

All comments/suggestions welcome.

It does...

But you can get the Vortex Viper HS (non LR version) for $500...capped turrets, BDC reticle, side focus....it comes in a few varieties, I have the 4-16x44mm version...

Its the "most scope for the money" that I have ever owned...I have had some nice Nikons and Leupolds, even 1 Schmidt & Bender...and I'm not saying the Vortex is better in every way...just that the Vortex is better for the $$$.

I'd buy another one in a heartbeat...if I needed one.

I have a 4.5-14x50mm with target turrets. The optics are outstanding. I can see 6.5 mm holes at 200yd pretty easily and it is excellent in low light. I shoot 600 yd targets with it regularly. Though I have never shot at dingoes I imagine the Zplex reticle would work very well. The downside to the rapid z reticles is that they are quite a bit thicker. I'd recommend considering the 50 mm its only 2 oz heavier and not much more expensive. I really like these target turrets also. But the hunting turrets are very good too. They are plastic but easy to adjust.
Hmmm the HS does seem to tick all the boxs and leaves money to spare for a top quality set of bases and rings, would i need taller bases to fit the 50mm version on?

What is the practical differance between the 44mm and 50mm objective? Slightly larger field of view and a higher light gathering potential, but the 50mm needs to be mounted higher and just feels bulkier?


Very little benefit as far as light goes...not much that I find useful in field of view either...I've never much cared for 50mm objectives though, mostly because of the taller mounts needed.

The 44mm fit on my M70 with TPS super low rings...left about 3/16" between the objective and the barrel...pretty much perfect.

You may like the 50mm...I'm sure its a good scope...but my vote still goes to the 44mm.
44mm objective is more than adequate for a 30mm tube and a 16x max power.
This is what I have with a custom turret & illuminated reticule. The reticule is easier to use then a mil-dot. The scope can be gotten in mils also. The only thing extra you would need is a laser rangefinder. Maybe if you looked into something that would make you a better shot you might like it. Old dogs CAN be taught NEW tricks.

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I had the same Zeiss you are contemplating. Of the scopes you listed, I would take the Zeiss without any second thoughts. I used mine for small varmint shooting out to 750 yards and it worked great. I was twisting turrets using their duplex reticle.
I would seriously consider the Zeiss with the Rapid Z reticle. I have the 3-9x40 with the Rapid Z 600 on my 6.5x284. Works great. Use their online calculator and the BDC lines are dead on and very fast to use. Glass is top notch. I also have a Nightforce with 2.5x10 with the HV 600 reticle. If it weren't for the light I would stay with the Zeiss.
Lpart, what do you mean when you say "if it weren't for the light you would stay with the Zeiss"?
Just curious. I am using a NF 2.5-10 with the NP-R2 reticle. I use the G7 BR2 rangefinder that gives corrections in MOA, so it works great with this reticle. The light gathering capabilities of my Zeiss scopes with the 44mm objectives was noticeable better in low light conditions than the 32 mm of the NF, but it is good enough.
I agree with Brad here. The weapon handling characteristics gained by using a smaller optic that is "enough" for the application at hand is more important to me than the completely subjective light gathering capabilities of a specific optic.
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