#1 shooting tip


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Apr 29, 2017
Interested to see what everyone's number one tip to shooting groups? Looking for very specific pointers or your number one thing to do when shooting. let's keep it shooting groups at 100-1200 yrds with a capable hunting rifle. Go!!


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Feb 2, 2019
Tucson, Arizona
Follow through with your shot, meaning you keep looking down the scope and not move your face away trying to see where you hit. Thats what spotters are for.

From a bench, tripod, shooting sticks or off hand you can practice by dry firing with a fired case or snap cap, you'll see if you are getting of target or not. You'll notice If you jerk the trigger, close your eyes, look away or flinch, you will aee some weird stuff and ask yourself, why the heck did I just do that.

Hope this helps and stay safe

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