tips for shooting off sticks?


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Mar 26, 2004
can anyone offer me any advice or hints on what works for them when shooting off double sticks whilst standing up and sitting?

much appreciated

I have found that the steadiest support when shooting from sticks is to try to have a second set or even a single one with a "Y" shaped top or yoke that you can place under the butt, near your shoulder. Makes a big difference, but takes a bit of time to setup two sets of sticks. The new tripods from Stoney Point are far better than sticks - they weigh about the same but stand by themselves. Maybe try adding a third leg to see the difference. You can take your left hand off the sticks if you want to.
thanks for the help folks.

i can only use 2 sticks, it's for a competition.... i am working on something so we'll see how it goes...


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