1-6x24 or 2-7x32


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Sep 15, 2016
Eastern kansas
I am wanting a new optic for my AR I generally use for target and varmint hunting inside of 500 yards. Vast majority of shooting is hunting and between 2-300 yards sometimes rarely within 25 yards. I currently have a vortex 3x fixed prism sight. It's OK, but I'm looking to replace it with either a 2-7x32 in the ballpark of the sig whiskey 3 or the like or a 1-6x24 like Burris rt-6, athlon midas, or similar. Need to keep it under 500 preferably under 400 and illuminated reticle is a must. BDC nice but not a must. Opinions on 1-6 vs 2-7 and options fitting criteria welcomed.
vortex strike eagle either the 1-6 or the 1-8 new model. they can both be had in the price range you're looking for and have a decent fast BDC style reticle for AR's
Do some research before orders by the 1-8 vortex.... I've read several reviews saying clarity goes to hell over 6x... As for my PM to you, mine is NOT illuminated, I missed that part in your original post.
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