IOR 6x24, reticle 1st. or 2nd. focal plane?


You should contact the IOR distributor directly with this question at

I believe most of their variables are second focal plane but some of their variables with illuminated reticles are 1st focal plane.

For example the 4-14 x50 is 2 focal plane but the 4-14x50 with illuminated reticle is 1st focal plane and so the range finding reticle works at all magnifications.



Just in case it interests you,

supply some Leupold 30mm tube variables with 1 st focal plane reticles. If you already own a Leupold 30mm tube scope the may be able to convert it from 2nd to first focal plane.


The IOR 6-24x50 is a second focal plane scope. The 2.5-10x42 is avalible in first or second.

The new 6-24x50 35mm tube Ill. MP-8 scopes should be in any day now.

I also talked to Marty at Badger Ordnance and he is hoping to have 35mm rings out in time for the shot show.

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