0.5cm/100m conversion value to inches/yards

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by rooster721, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. rooster721

    rooster721 Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    I've spent a ridiculous amount of time calculating and figuring the differences between those two.. and even-still am left scratching my head somedays*

    ...basically, 1000 yards is 914 meters (big difference there -NOT the same thing!) Click values, charts and rangefinders reading out in yards not meters (when a guy shoots a metric value scope) really starts getting confusing ~ makes it very-difficult to come up with an accurate chart if you try converting click values TO MAKE YOUR NUMBERS AND DOPE MATCH-UP

    Thought I'd start a thread about that.

    Who shoots european glass and has mastered their dope, charts & values by chance in regards to the 0.5cm thing, while still ranging in yards instead of meters? 0.196" at 100yards doesn't work. At far distances (say 1000yards again) you'd be out almost 100yards with your dope if using 0.196... could be 5+clicks, could be 15+ inches* Even confirming hits, then back-peddling that info into a ballistics app don't work because the click value is still off and throws out your curve for everything in front of that confirmed hit. So what to do to make it coincide? (instead of switching to "meter" ranging) What are the numbers/values to use?

    Or has in-fact the guys using those scopes simply switched to the metric standard and range now in meters?? ...and just left the yards and converting headache behind, by switching?

    If THAT is the case, what ballistic programs are you using to give "out-puts" in meters rather than in yards?

    ...it's a shady/very grey area for information once you start looking* I think a thread relating to it could come in handy ~ how much does anyone know about figuring these things and using them together?

    I'm interested to see what you guys have to say**
  2. rooster721

    rooster721 Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    Only way I could really tie the 0.5cm thing @ 100m to any value relating to yards was by figuring "mils" into it... one miliradian @ 100Yards is actually 3.6" Obviously then you get a 0.36 value/the same as what a 0.1milrad click equates to* (relating to scopes like schmidt & bender/hensoldt etc) which are typically 1cm/100m values... pretty simply from there, for 0.5cm scopes @ 100m it works out to a 0.18" value per click at 100 (yards) ...not the 0.196 you get when converting that 0.5cm to inches* (like a person might think) Those two values give you two VERY different charts downrange**

    As frustrated as I made myself over the last number of years, with those 0.5cm/100m clicks, and wanting to stick with yardages for ranging (and not complicate things any worse-yet) I thought it be worth bringing up.. I nearly sold my Zeiss just because I had such difficult time wrapping my head around it! I'm quite certain this is all correct, it seems to have worked alryt in my case. I have seen all sorta of values posted all over different sites and none really proving how or where they get anything from. If I'm wrong with mine, someone correct me, I'm sure there are guys pulling hair out confused and frustrated by the metric/mil values in the scopes that-they've got & could find this-one very helpful.

    Thinking back, I wish I could've come across something stating conversions like that.. so for guys buying new scopes and shying away because of the metric values or for those wanting to make the most of what they already have and haven't figured out... here's the answers - it's not as hard to work around as you think! ...that's my purpose of the thread** is very very few like it to be found regarding exactly this

    Add other info, validate what I said, correct if wrong, or whatver else... I don't imagine I'm alone trying to properly understand and comprehend the differences and similarities
  3. Beng

    Beng Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2011
    1" are 2.54cm
    Radiant is an angular measurement in relation to the radius.
    1 milli radiant is a thousandth of the radius and in shooting the radius is the distance between you and your target.
    .5cm at 100m are .05mrad.
    At 1000 yards 1mrad is 1yard thus your kliclvalue is 0.05*36" = 1.8"

    In meters it's easier, everything is based on multiplying with 10^x.
    X means 6 for mega, 3 for kilo,-1 for deci, -2 for centi, -3 for milli and so on.
    Working with that means you just have to push the dot a bit around.
    1 mrad at 968.0m are 968*10^-3 = 968m/1000 = 0.968m = 96.8cm

    If you use mrad then use meters, it's easy and precise in combination.
    The imperial system isn't based on 10 and it's multiples, so it's a pita to combine.
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