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  1. D

    28 Nosler M48 Legacy -original Nosler Rifle.

    $1850 I’m selling my Nosler M48 Legacy chambered in 28 Nosler. This was one of the original factory rifles released by Nosler, and was designed by John Nosler Sr. as the perfect hunting rifle. It was initially chambered in 26 Nosler but i had it changed to 28 by the factory when i bought it...
  2. S

    Straight Jacket Armory Custom Rifles - SALE ENDS SOON!

    If you have been waiting for the chance to order your custom hunting rifles built the way you want it, well the time is now! Our 10% OFF CUSTOM RIFLES spring sale is expiring this weekend!! If you are in the market for a tack driving...
  3. S

    Developing a Long Range Hunting System

    Hi everyone! I’m just firing up a YouTube channel for precision rifle and hunting related topics. This is the first video I did showing the basics to starting precision load development. Hopefully there’s some useful information in here for someone. This is the first of a series of videos on...
  4. G

    375 H&H Tooley Custom Rifle

    375 H&H Custom Rifle by Dave Tooley. Built on a Bat Machine SS Repeater action with fluted bolt and a Shilen select grade SS barrel. Tooley Custom break. Jewel trigger. HS Precision hunter stock. Decelerator. 100% Teflon. I took this rifle to Africa once. It has 38 rounds thru it. Had it Teflon...
  5. G

    458 Lott Tooley Custom Unfired

    458 Lott Dave Tooley Custom Rifle This rifle was originally a Rem Custom Shop 458 Win mag African with Hi-C wood. I had Dave upgrade it to 458 Lott on a Lilja barrel and do everything he does to rifles. It sits in a Mac Hunter stock with decelerators. Weighs 10.25 lbs. Dave’s trigger and break...
  6. 264MHC

    Put Together my First Custom Rifle

    Hello All, I've been a long time reader of this forum and have found it to be a great source of interesting and valuable information, so I finally joined. This will be my first post so I apologize for the length. I just finished putting together my first custom bolt rifle and enjoyed the...
  7. moa_shooter

    SOLD/EXPIRED remington action with bolt and trigger L/A magnum

    i am looking to buy a Remington 700 action in the long action magnum and bottom metal if you have it i have a 330$ budget for the action so please help a fella out
  8. O

    New Elr build

    Hey y’all! So basically, some time ago, I got into long range (ultra long range)...ended up building a 338 lapua improved...I got an offer that I couldn’t refuse and now the money’s burning a hole in my pocket. Just kidding, but I’m going to pull my hair out if I don’t get back to shooting. I’m...
  9. C

    Beanland 6 Creedmoor BBL Action

    I have a Jon Beanland Built 6mm Creedmoor barreled Action for sale. Defiance Deviant Tactical RH SA, with one piece rail and integral lug. Bolt knob has been changed to Badger FDE Oversized. Barrel is a Krieger MTU @ 26" threaded with a knurled cap. Twist is 1:8 973 Documented rounds down the...
  10. Misha

    Defiance - deviant hunter long action (new)

    Update - SOLD! For sale $1250 shipped to your FFL (I'll pay shipping and insurance) $230 off MSRP and $100+ off custom shop price This action is read to go and will ship out (with insurance and tracking info) Please message me if you have any questions. Will only ship to an FFL, only accept...
  11. J

    6.5 284 Custom Hammond Rifle + 6.5 284 MOA EVO Rifle

    I have just acquired from a friend a very nice rifle, he wants me to sell for him. Also I have another rifle if anyone is interested... 1) I do no know much about the Hammond rifle, I was told they are made in PA and are ridiculously accurate. Has only been shot 25 times barrel is super...
  12. C

    Gunwerks LR1000

    Gunwerks LR1000 chambered in a 6.5-284. Less than 200 rounds down the tube. Great condition. Comes with Custom Storm Case and 3 boxes of Gunwerks Premium Ammo. It wears a Night Force 5.5-22 NXS Scope. If you are familiar with Gunwerks you know what kind of gun this is. This Gun is dialed out to...
  13. C

    6mm SLR deer hunting

    Wondering if anyone has used Berger 105's or 115's for deer hunting if so what were your results, what was the distances and how do you feel they performed? Mine best friend and I are currently building two 6mm SLR we plan using for deer, coyote, and target. The barrels are bartlien 3b...
  14. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Beanland 6.5 Creedmoor REM 700 BBL/Action

    I have a trued Remington 700 RH SA that all the smithwork was done by Jon Beanland for sale. The specs are listed below, but the rifle only shot Factory ammo (hornady or prime) and has a tracked 423 rds down the tube. Never been a match gun or anything other than hunting or range use. It was...
  15. S

    Rem700 Krieger .308 Sale/Trade

    Remington 700 with Krieger 22" 1:10 varmint contour barrel, match chambered in .308win and threaded. Has Bell and Carlson medalist stock(black with red spider wed) that was professionally bedded and channeled. The action was also blue printed/trued when barrel was fitted. The above work was all...
  16. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED ***SOLD***WTS Custom Built Rem 700 by Hawk Hill

    Custom Rifle built on one of my personal actions and a stock I had on hand. Cannot build another one for the same price. Blueprinted Rem 700 in 308 Hawk Hill Custom barrel 1-10 twist Manners Stock in OD Green Metal finished in Cerakote- Flat Dark Earth Timney Trigger Harris Bipod AICS...

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