SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce Rival 300 PRC


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Aug 4, 2018
I debated on selling this one, but I’ll see if anyone wants/needs it. I just sold one of these in 28 nosler because the length of pull (just a little over 13”) on this stock is too short for my 6’5” 285 lb frame. I had bought one in 28 nosler and one in 300 PRC and decided I would keep the PRC, but I just bought a PRC from another member on here with a stock that will fit me better.
This rival has 130 rounds. Shoots heavies very well: 245 Bergers, 225 eld match. Have not tried factory ammo. Comes with Murphy precision rail. Barrel is 24 inches 1:9 twist. No cosmetic marks, no mechanical issues. It’s a sweet, light weight rig.
Asking $2,400 shipped to FFL
2D8A7117-C1E9-4886-A9B6-2948ADD791AA.jpeg D4A11141-2935-4B69-A06C-DA69F148C9B2.jpeg 394FCBE9-3E75-4860-AFAE-6D59C7E5A045.jpeg 045303A3-2DE6-4340-9F4F-479D8EC78622.jpeg A68D2FE3-DBF6-40CC-B9DD-A2E6D181738C.jpeg 4B529A95-2E25-4CF4-ACED-C9EEFF69C8A6.jpeg 7C4A1486-010D-4180-8C55-7FB1DC4D1C59.jpeg 0E5562F9-A031-4F56-A505-B1A93DBF6A3D.jpeg