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Sep 29, 2017
375 H&H Custom Rifle by Dave Tooley.
Built on a Bat Machine SS Repeater action with fluted bolt and a Shilen select grade SS barrel. Tooley Custom break. Jewel trigger. HS Precision hunter stock. Decelerator. 100% Teflon. I took this rifle to Africa once. It has 38 rounds thru it. Had it Teflon coated upon my return. Definitely the finest hunting rifle I've ever carried for balance and speed. A joy to shoot. Recoils like a 308. Talley Q-D 30mm rings. 100-120 rounds of new "in box" assorted factory ammo. $3800 - It has not been fired since coated.


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Barrel length and twist rate ?
total weight?
Moa? What about groups with factory ammo?
Hi. I'll get u the twist and length in
Am. I'm
Not near gun. The rifle shot pmc 270s and 300grain into 1"-1.5" groups @ 100. And I was using 1.5-6 LPS optic. Shot a zebra at 290 right in the heart with it.
I think its 24" but will pull it out when I get home.
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What model HS is that? It looks more like a McMillan?
It could be a Macmillan. Dave used Macs. I could be mistaken but thought it was HS. The 458 lot is on a Mac hunter
Barrel length and twist rate ?
total weight?
Moa? What about groups with factory ammo?
Barrel is 24" with break. .720 at muzzle. Will get twist and weight in am
Also has Dakota bottom metal.
Barrel is 24" with break. .720 at muzzle. Will get twist and weight in am
Barrel length and twist rate ?
total weight?
Moa? What about groups with factory ammo?

Twist is 1:12. Accurate length is 23-1/2" barrel plus 1-1/2" break. Right at 25". Overall is 45-5/8"
Weight: 9.3 lbs. (feels much lighter)

I found it shot winchester ammo very well. Probably a bit more accurate than the PMC but and inch is an inch. I was getting ammo from Pmc for free. Was doing filming for hunting promo. The PMC had better bullets IMO and shot very well also.
Lastly bout accuracy. I got the rifle 3 weeks before the trip. I never really had time to work on factory loads. The groups I did shoot were during break in. As stated. I shot it 38 times. 12 at animals. 3 or 4 sighters in SA when we got there and the rest were break in rounds. I guess it's still in break in state.

I shot 11 animals with 12 shots with this rifle ranging from a Jackal at 15 yards to a Burchell's Zebra at 290. They were all one shot kills. My PH insisted I shoot a Gemsbok a second time. When we got to it we discovered (as I'd told him) the follow up shot was unnecessary. If I ever planned to hunt again I would never part with this rifle. I'm worried if I died my wife would sell it to some hog hunter for what I told her it cost me.

I cannot find Dave's build sheet so I cannot swear to the stock. I do remember Dave complain about the Bat Action. No one was really inletting for their repeater action.


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Keep it and point that stick at some wapiti!
Wish I could. Have a thing called DISH. Degenerative. No treatment. No cure. No more hard hunting. Going home next week to hunt deer from a blind. First hunting in very long time.

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