african rifles

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    375 H&H Tooley Custom Rifle

    375 H&H Custom Rifle by Dave Tooley. Built on a Bat Machine SS Repeater action with fluted bolt and a Shilen select grade SS barrel. Tooley Custom break. Jewel trigger. HS Precision hunter stock. Decelerator. 100% Teflon. I took this rifle to Africa once. It has 38 rounds thru it. Had it Teflon...
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    458 Lott Tooley Custom Unfired

    458 Lott Dave Tooley Custom Rifle This rifle was originally a Rem Custom Shop 458 Win mag African with Hi-C wood. I had Dave upgrade it to 458 Lott on a Lilja barrel and do everything he does to rifles. It sits in a Mac Hunter stock with decelerators. Weighs 10.25 lbs. Dave’s trigger and break...
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    Load work up for Double Rifle????

    Probably not the right place to ask but I'm struggling to work up loads that are well regulated for 2 of my dad double rifles. He was a maticulous record keeper but the one thing I can't find is the loads for his 3 double rifles or his 458 pre64 custom! Would love to take the 470NE or the...