Your going your hunt of a lifetome what are you hunting and what rifle are you using ? Mine is easy

A 5 day rodent shoot with 600 rounds of .204R, .22-.250, 6mm CM & 6.5-06. Hopefully, 1 shot every 15 minutes at 1/2 gallon milk carton size rodents (rock chucks) up to 880 & more. Nice breakfast like steak, eggs, blueberry pancakes every morning. Nice lunch with ice tea. Wonderful dinner, like broiled salmons, prime ribs, lobsters, sword fishes. Nice drink beer or whiskey after shoot. Nice hot soapy showers and cool crisp sheets. Lots of photos of birds & stuff like deers, elks, & antelopes. Plenty of walking included with .204R where vehicles not permitted.
Simply awesome .
My 300 PRC, I just shoot everything with it these days. From Racoons to Moose, I call it the "Billy Baroo" rifle.

It's a Terminus Zeus action with a Proof CF barrel by SAC in a Manners MCS PH stock. Glass is a Schmidt and Bender PMII US 3-20.

Can load from 180 - 250 grain 30 Cals, covers just about everything I want to shoot.

Edit - dream hunt is no doubt a Kodiak brown bear.
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I am easy. Would love to take an Elk. Any state. Would use my WWI 1903 Springfield. All factory except a new. taller front sight blade.
Still the original 30-06 caliber.
Yeah, love it, something about doing it old school, I love my mint 1903 "C" stock it still shoots like a house-a-fire. Cheers

Springfield 1903 C stock.jpg
I counted up 55 nikons scopes on my rifles that I use. I used them in alaska through every kind of torment you can think of no problems. I have used them 40 years. I wish they had kept making scopes. MY LOAD for that 338-378 is 250 grain nosker partition. I have not found a more accurate bullet for that guN.i do want to find a good 200 grain bullet for it for long range shots and the recoil is hardly nothing with the 200 grain bullets in that rifle .hope everyone gets to go in their dream hint .I picked Alaska over Africa long ago because I wanted to live in Alaska and I did 12 years. I used the 338 win mag at first then the 338-378 came out and I was hooked .
I agree dgr416!!!!!
Boy, good question. Been thinking on it for a couple days. :)
I am almost 56yrs but in pretty darn good shape so I think I could still handle a stone sheep hunt in Alaska to see the country as must as anything. If multiple tags are and option then also a Moose and Caribou and since I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junky, maybe even a Grizz.
With this weapon of choice that I built or preferably a self made Self bow or sinew backed bow and wood arrows. (Sorry, not a long range weapon).


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