Your going your hunt of a lifetome what are you hunting and what rifle are you using ? Mine is easy


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Mar 17, 2003
Madison ,ga
My dream hunt is going to happen again hopefully next year .I am going back to alaska where I lived 12 years I was made for that place .I want to hunt moose again and use my 348-378 weathetby accumsrk that was made for wrathetby by Seco in Maine. THAT rifle has shot some .25 groups at 100 yards and 1 inch at 300 yards .I might change my scope but we will see it has a Nikon 6x20 Japanese scope on it but these days I need a 50 mm scope .I have a new 6x24 x50 Nikon 30 mm x50 mm scope that's awesome. I GOTTA get back up there before I get too old .I hope all of yall get to go on your dream hunts too .
I counted up 55 nikons scopes on my rifles that I use. I used them in alaska through every kind of torment you can think of no problems. I have used them 40 years. I wish they had kept making scopes. MY LOAD for that 338-378 is 250 grain nosker partition. I have not found a more accurate bullet for that guN.i do want to find a good 200 grain bullet for it for long range shots and the recoil is hardly nothing with the 200 grain bullets in that rifle .hope everyone gets to go in their dream hint .I picked Alaska over Africa long ago because I wanted to live in Alaska and I did 12 years. I used the 338 win mag at first then the 338-378 came out and I was hooked .
Hunt of a lifetime? Well, it would have to be a Big 4. Botswana Elephant and then Leopard behind bushman trackers in the Kalahari. Up to Tanzania for a beautiful Lion and some of those big Masai Buffalo.

That should top $300k if I do it right.

So, since I don't have $300k in my hunt budget, maybe I'll just go to Europe. Shoot a Stag and Fallow and Boar.
The guys that ran the NA side of Nikon Scopes have their own company now. It's called Tract Optics. If you liked the Nikon Scopes you owe it to yourself to look into Tract.3 levels of glass in their 1" tubes. Toric being the best glass level. 30mm and 34mm tubes as well. Schott glass. Great warranty. Great reviews on YouTube

No Middleman pricing. I'm about to order number 5 when my Brux 40 cal SML barrel shows up.
I too would go back to Alaska for a large Alaskan moose. I have a nice caribou hanging on the wall from the Mulchantna herd before they tanked from disease. I hunted and passed on legal Dall rams that were not full curls when I was a resident and would like to hunt them again. But a good 60" minimum bull moose is top of the list. I would use my .300 Win Mag or my .338 Win Mag.