WY Areas 23 &24 Antelope


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Feb 10, 2011
Fosston, MN
I know this is kind of last minute, but here goes it.

I am planning on being in Gillette for some Antelope hunting. I hunted area 24 last year, and know of some public land, but this year I am planning shooting my limit of does. Wife, kids and myself liked the meat so much, wife is telling me if I drive that far to hunt I better bring back all the meat I can legally get. Just wondering if any landowners would let 3-4 hunters shoot some does on their property. All hunters are in their early 30's, responsible hard working family men, and have been hunting for many years. So, please if anyone that is wiling to let us shoot some does on their property let me know. We will be arriving in Gillette on Oct. 10th and hunting until the 12th.
Area 24 borders Area 7 where I hunt. There is a lot of public land in Area 24 (haven't looked at are 23, I don't hunt there).

Also check the F&G walk in area booklet. Might find some private land there.

I don't see have any problems filling doe tags by staying on public lands.

I have a doe tag left and was gonna go out this morning but its snowing. Screw that. I'll wait until next week, its suppose to warm up.

If you have a GPS set it on N 43*58'18 "
W 105*11'44"

That will put you in the middle of a big chunk of public land. Lots of roads to drive around on until you find a place to hunt.
chicken is even cheaper, but I like to have variety. lol.

I know of most of the public areas in 24, but there aren't that many tags left in that area.
I haven't bought beef in 3 years, we have been able to get up to five deer per year, so that is all we eat. And now I discovered antelope, which is also a vary good meat. Last year I took 2 antelope home, not knowing how they taste, did not want to harvest a bunch and then not consume it. This year I will be trying to get my full limit.

By the way I would be able to bring some Wild Alaskan Salmon, Halibut and some Red Snapper to whoever would let me shoot a bunch of doe Antelope on their property.
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