SOLD/EXPIRED WTS- Brand New 375 Allen Magnum

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    Jan 17, 2006
    For those looking for a 375 Allen Magnum and not wanting to wait- I am putting mine up for sale. I'll try to cover most of the details- but if I miss something, please shoot me a pm. The specs on the rifle are as follows:

    Receiver- BAT Model M single shot with extractor
    Stock- McMillan A-5 w/ adjustable cheek and lop
    Barrel- Lilja SS 32", 1-10 twist 375 barrel
    APS- Large 5 port PK muzzle brake
    All metal cerakoted in black
    Jewell trigger with bottom safety
    375 Allen Magnum loading die set
    100 rounds of 375 formed brass

    I also have some 375 350 grain SMK's (unsure of count) that can be bought separately.

    This rifle is currently sitting in Kirby's shop waiting for rings and glass, which I just can't swing right now. Kirby has done all of his testing to make sure it meets his satisfaction. This caliber pretty much speaks for itself. It is an extreme range caliber that I honestly don't foresee myself having the opportunity to use in the near future- unfortunately.

    I'm not looking to make money on this one- just trying to get out from underneath of it.

    This one will get shipped to your FFL for $6500. The rifle does NOT include the scope, rings, bipod or bags.

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    WOW! Beautiful Rifle