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Feb 19, 2003
New York
Just wanted to share this with the group. This morning I went out shooting chucks. I wanted to get in some shooting before the storm hits. Hunting through some apple trees between two feilds I saw a woodchuck. A fat one, I love the fat ones!! He was out at 120 yards or so, sitting on his hind legs. I laid my 1/8 inch target dot in the center of mass and gently squeezed the trigger. The 52 grain Hornady A-max went through with out slowing down leaving a golf ball size exit hole. One of the great things about shooting a 223 Rem. is that you can watch the hit through the scope. The chuck hit the ground dead before the sound of the shot reached his position. His tail went straight up in the air shaking side to side like a French flag of surrender. Why do they do that?

H-bar can hit a tick on a running deer's back at 1000yds in a wind storm!
"Why do they do that?"

I've seen them shake like that for two reasons. 1) gut shot. 2) central nervous system disruption. Yours sounds like a good case of the later. Keep up the good work.
Holy cow grunt that looks like some wind storm you typed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can own up to given a few deer somewhat of a headache!!! Good thing I brought the quad the other day. I would have died dragging those deer all that distance.
Deergrunt, I just moved from NY to MO and boy do I miss the chuck hunting up there! I went back for a week this summer and managed to get 16 chucks and 2 crows with one shot. I was in the edge of a big alfalfa field that my friend had just mowed when on the other side of the field two Crows landed. It was a measured 285yds and I guess they felt safe. I clicked up 7 notches on my leupold and held dead on the left one(they were side by side ,not in line) when the 22-250 barked I could see a cloud of feathers and I knew I got one. When I stopped laughing I went over to find one exploded and the other dead without a mark on him! What a shot!!!
Chuckster " ...I went back for a week this summer and managed to get 16 chucks and 2 crows with one shot..."

****!! I've never seen groundhogs and crows line up...I've done 2 chucks at once but never 16 with one shot

How's about 3 pr. dogs with one shot. I've done it once or twice in my life, and seen it done rarely as well-- pretty amazing. I'm originally from MD, and i do admit to missing chucking in the old days.

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My last trip to montana i did at least a handful of doubles and one triple--also got 4 at one hole(3 shots at 150yds w/ 223) in less than 5 seconds--they were little ones--just off the teat by the looks of them--was a pretty good trip.

with the triple i had 2 heads lined up and the third one came to see what was going on--they all bit it with a 50gn vmax--the third did take a finishing shot, but he was missing half his face and would be alive for more than a minute. even though their vermin i try to kill as quick as possible. My buddy said he had a quad, but i didnt see it.

Those woodchucks were about the only thing I miss about living in Pa. Down here in texas we got lots of prairie dogs but can't ever seem to get that close. My son and I have a blast sneaking to withinn a couple hundred yards but them things got good eyes. We usualy shoot from the trail wich is 400 to 700 yards from the feild they are in. It sure is fun.
Just returned from Wyoming Got a nice Antelope at 250yds, Mule Deer at 300yds and about 200 Dogs from 50 to 450 yds. Great fun! Shot a 7mm RUM in a rem sendero with a 6.5-20x50 LR Leupold. This rifle shoots 140gr Nosler BT at 3460fps into .3' at 100yds. The Antelope had a 6" entrance wound and no exit wound. The Mulie had a 4" enry wound and a 1" exit wound. Both droped dead in there tracks and just hit the ground.
I think that big of entrance says you are spinning a FEW TO MANY RPM's--the same way you could shoot a coyote with a fast twist 220 swift and 40gn bullets and have it never enter the chest cavity.

Id be careful with that load on anything bigger than the lopes.

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