wolf primers??

Not alot of folks using them but from what I've heard it's been mixed reviews. I'm familar with their ammo and would not use it again-burns very dirty and in semi-auto 223 or 308 will not work.
I shoot in 500 meter groundhog matches, and many others have spoken well about the Wolf primers. With the shortage of CCI BR4's, I had no choice and ordered two bricks of Wolf SRM primers for my 6BR's. I have not tested them extensively just yet, but my impression is that they do not improve accuracy. They do seat hard in the primer pocket. Have had no failures with them.
Wolf primers have IMPROVED every case I have tried them in with lower SD, ES, and better accuracy. I have never had a problem with them at all.
Several friends and myself use them in 6mm br wildcats for f class comps. I love them. If you are looking at the small rifle, buy the small rifle magnum primers. The cup is harder and will stand the pressure better than others. I know from experience that the same charge with a 205M makes some cratering and the wolf look just fine. Be sure if you order that they are non corrosive. I don't know if they make any corrosive primers any more, but my boxes says small rilfe magnum non corrosive. hope this helps.
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