Wolf Primers


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Mar 25, 2009
I just bought 2k of these primers. Everything is dry around here, so I bought these. Am I in trouble? Does anyone have experience with these. They are lg. rifle, and I'm using them for a .300wm.
same as everyone, I was having trouble finding primers, so bought 5K each of WOLF larg rifle, lrg. rifle mag. and small rifle. Seem to work very well and interchange with the FED> 210 and 215's I like.
They are very good primers! David Tubb uses Wolf primers exclusively. He tested lots of primers and concluded that the Wolf was his primer of choice. Not a bad recommendation.
I was using CCI 450's in my competition rifles ( 6BR & 30BR) and heard much good about Wolf so ordered 2 bricks from PV. They seat with more difficulty in the primer pocket, but seem to shoot well. No failures, but no accuracy improvement that I can see.
An aquaintence of mine did nothing to his already good 300WM load except try some WOLF primers. The group at 500yds was the best he ever shot out of his TRG42. I want to try some myself.
I bought a bunch when primers were scarce. They seem to work just as well as anything else I have used. When my stash gets low I may even buy more.
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