Wolf and Pigs


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Feb 1, 2010
North Pole
If you value your game you hunt, you will dispose of the Wolves as quickly as possible.

I remember back in the 60's they introduced the Russian Boar in Western North Carolina.......we hunted them during Bear Season. Then in the 80's domestic pigs or cross breds were near my hunting areas routed everything on the ground....very good eating......I have not been back since, I often wonder how many pigs survived since the early 80's near Lenoir, NC in the Sampson Area.

Wolves kill just to Kill..........that goes for your pet dog or maybe your child waiting on a buss on the corner.


Jul 2, 2013
The pigs you are talking about are no more around Lenoir, NC. Very, very few left up in Sampson and the Buffalo area. You have to go down towards Asheville before you get into finding any pigs anymore.

Bear hunting was pretty good this year up around the Globe and Collettsville area.

My family owns several fields up in the Patterson/ Happy Valley area. If pigs were around they would be tearing it up. We had a bad problem with Coyotes several years ago and they put a hurting on the deer and rabbits. Population is starting to get back to normal last year.
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