Winchester Vs Ruger....Choices..choices


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
I am fairly new to this site but have enjoyed reading and educating myself at the benefit of everyone elses wisdom.

I have always loved rifle shooting for accuracy, but after relocating to the west, realize I have to take my skills and equipment up another notch.

I Currently have 3 rifles, Remington 700 Sendero 25-06, Marlin MR-7 in 30-06 and a Ruger MKII 77 Target SS with laminate stock 22-250.

I want to take one of these and accurize and aftermarket rebarrel to somnthing that would be good to 1000 yards. Mule deer size game for sure.

I am down to a few caliber options, 6.5-284, 7mmSAUM, 7mm300WSM and am open to others if they make better sense.

Whatever I choose will get all the necessary upgrades to reduce recoil as I have a bad shoulder. So brake and recoil pad, perhaps one of the mercury tubes etc.. but want to keep the rifle at 10 pounds or less with scope.

My quandry and what I would like some advice on is are either the Winchester Model 70 or teh Ruger actions worth upgrading? Most of the discussion is on using the Remington 700 as donor action or using aftermarket actions. I have an offer of trade for my Ruger 22-250 of a Winchester Model 70 243 WSM and cash.

So ...I know I may get conflicting opinions but please give me input if you have any and I will sift through all the responses and try and determine the best route.

1) Are either the M70 or Ruger MKII 77 solid enough to get 1000 yard accuracy without exhorbinant effort and machining beyond what would be required for a 700 action?
2) Which of these two actions is the better option and why.
3) Of the calibers I mentioned, is there a clear winner? (6.5-284, 7mmSAUM, 7mm300WSM)
4) Is there another caliber that would fit my criteria that I should consider in addition to those above?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond and help me out.

Just to clarify, I have always liked the 25.06 and wanted a Sendero since they came out which is why using it as the donor is not an option.

The Marlin MR-7 is so uncommon that I doubt that I can easily pick up stock etc.. so that leaves me with the choice of keeping the Ruger 22-250 and rebarrleing it or trading it and using the Winchester Model 70.

The 25-06 will do everything I would use the 22-250 for, for the most part.
You will see a lot of remingtons accurized and for years the M70 was the go to high power and LR rifle. Both can be made very very accurate.

You will never see a Ruger on the firing line of the highpower, NRA LR or BR matches. (or at least more than once:D)

enough said.

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