Stumped on scope choice


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Mar 29, 2015
Not sure where to put this so ill put it here.Majority of my hunting is inside of 400 yards.I currently have a 42mm Zeiss Terra that i hate,The low light capability on this scope is Not very good and last year i missed a good shot on a NICE deer because i couldnt see him in that last 10 minutes of light.
I have a Tikka .308 and plan on using the DNZ mounts.My brother has the DNZ and i really like the setup.
Im deciding between 3 scopes right now and my question is how much difference is there between the Sworvoski Z3 glass and the Z5.I really like the Z3 50mm
But also like the 44mm Z5.Im just wondering is the glass really worth 500 dollars more.I do alot of hunting in clear cuts so using the BT reticle is no problem since i already range out where im hunting and can adjust the turret pretty quick to make the shot.
My biggest issue is the last 10 minutes of daylight and having the glass to see.Im just wondering if the 50mm Z3 will be as bright as the 44mm Z5 and are the BT turrets reliable for returning back to zero.
My other scope choice would be the Zeiss 50mm HD5 but i really dont want another zeiss.
Any opinions would be really appreciated cause i just ordered a new walnut stock for this gun and want to get the scope this week.My total budjet on glass is 1600 total.

Rick Richard

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Jan 7, 2014
North Carolina
I have an assortment of scopes including NF. For a thousand bucks there abouts, I would look at the Meopta line. They are amazingly clear and gather light as good as any (30 mm).

With that said, Swaroski's are hard to beat. I would opt for the Z5. Zeiss in the HD 5 series is also very good. I have one on my dedicated deer rifle and really like it too.