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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Just recieved my Wild Rangefinder today. Am very impressed with the optical/mechanical quality, otherwise it is surplus, (the wife is having a hard time believing I paid 400$ for it)

Kinda got second thoughts right now, been trying to range several items and am finding it rather frustrating. BUT I am trying to do this while its snowing bigtime and visibility is appx 3/4's. So what can I expect, right?

Just need some reassurance that I spent my money wisely as I do need a rangefinder and one that is accurate beyond 1k on items a bit smaller than a barn... I won't really get to test it till tomorrow or the weekend, spose to snow like a sum-bit## too.

Can someone give me some positive feed back. And tell me that I did good. C'mon guys give me the warm-fuzzy feeling one spose to get when getting new toys..


I've never had one but spend a little time fondling one. A fella can never have too much experience or equipment. You did good!

If you don't like it after playing with it for a while list it here, *WyoWhisper* needs more gear.
My brother has one, we've been using it for about 6 years now and it's great. We also have Bausch & Lomb swing types and we zeroed the Wild in with them and we always double check them against each other and they always check out the same. Make sure you zero your rifles in with them also. Even if the rangefinder is wrong, it don't make no difference, as long as you are using one of those rifles. The Barr & Stroud is a good one too. You'll love it. Carry a calculator to convert to yards.
I got mine last week and it works great Of cores i had to break down and read the How to use the thing frist but only after a few hours of trying the do it your self thing frist LOL LOL LOL LOL I guess that is why they send the how to gide I hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine: Coyote Slayer

You will like it a lot.

I have the ones that Dan Conzo mentioned. Since I have the military lasers the optical units stay in the gun room.
Once the Halving is set on your unit, it should be perfect. Even if it is off a bit and you actual fire your rifle to the yardage/meters on the rangefinder, it will be fine.
Make your final adjustments at a known distance. If the unit came with the platter board, set it out there 300 meters and set you rangefinder to that. They are easy to set if you have a known distance. That one is probably right on if it was refurbished.

Have fun

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Thanx Guys, I can now sleep. CoyoteSlayer is right on the money. I am laughing my *** off thinking about how I was earlier. When all else fails, read the directions...

I'll let ya know how things pans out when wx clears and snow stops and IF I have issues, I know who to call..

Thanks again to y'all and I got a say, the are shooting BBS and then there is LRH. This is the one and only. Now if I can get my LRH video to watch..

Rod (Nodak7mm)
Hey This is a great site. I just bought my Wilde thing at the Harrisburg show.So far, So good (no pun intended).Now I just need more room.

Evening Folks,

Got a chance to play with my "Wild" thing today after work and I am IMPRESSED, this unit is Mint!!!!! I can tell you right now that there is no way this unit can be used to its full capabilities. I ranged stuff as far as 1300 yds and its a piece of cake. I wanted to sit on my deck overseeing a stubble field and wait for the deer to start moving and try it on critters, but kinda chilly to sit on deck enjoying some of millwakee's finest in 20 degree wx with the sun disapeering.. I will report on that when I do.. (range critters that is)

Overview: I bought the "B" grade as it was $399.00. The carrying case is has normal wear & tear considering its 30 years old and been in storage. Bear in mind this unit was designed for artillary use, made to take abuse and took some. The unit itself is in **** good shape, I'm happy.. Deustche Optik's service has been very good.

It has 2 tripods, a large wooden 3 ft (for kneeling/or sitting) and a shorter 1 ft'r (for prone use) that fits into the wooden one and providing a crude vertical adjustment. I consider the wood tripod to be very crude but it serves it's purpose. I intend to take the little that contains the mounting head and make an adapter plate that will allow me use of a conventional tripod.

Another modification I am going to do is to make my own custom case for the optical unit and tripods. The tripod is fastened to the case right now using leather straps, kind cheesy but works..

Overall I am very happy and I had a blast while set up in my driveway "testing" and noting the neigbors do a double take as they drove by.

Any questions or advice, please just email & ask.

Rod (Nodak7mm)
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