Wild "grades"


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Mar 17, 2002
Just give Deutsche a call they have the grade A and B in stock. The grade B are $399 and A $499 I have a grade B and it is a good unit the case is dented and scratched and the leather is not in excellent shape but works excellent.
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I bought a B grade and dropped a load when I first unpacked it... The tubular case was rather scratched and dented, but the the rangefinder inside was in mint shape. I am very happy with mine.. For $399, very happy...

After searching through the posts on the wild rangefinder, I noticed some people bought different grades, such as A,B, and C. Where on the deutche optik website do you specify the "grade" you want. They only list the price as $500.
I too got the grade B. Carrying case is well used, rangefinder is fantastic. If only spotting scopes had that type of optics. Actually, I can't afford the spotting scopes with that quality of optics.

Get one before they are gone. I doubt anyone will be making something similar for $399 ever again.

I got an "A" grade and I didn't see alot of difference between mine and some of the other's "B" grade units. I didn't have any dents in my case, and the case and tripods were painted with a really thick coat of OD paint. I took the paint off the tripods, and the large one was a nice oak wood underneath. I polyurethaned it and it looks really good now. I painted the outer case matte black and polished up all the brass--Hell, I could put it in my living room now as a conversation piece. It works great, though, you won't be disappointed...
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