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Wild Owners-
I received my Wild rangefinder today and was wondering what do you guys use as an adapter for a standard tripod. The issue unit is a little short and lacking in adjustment. Do you fabricate an adapter using the head on the short tripod or start from scratch? Give me some ideas.....

Dident you get bouth tripods with yours I got a large wooden one and the small steal one the small one will fit in to the large to give you more hight just wondering if you did not get the large wooden one give them a call and ask about it if you just bought it from a company if you got it second hand then I have no clue but i bet Darrel would have a good night: Coyote Slayer

Contact Deutsche-Optic at 1-800-225-9407 and ask if they have the long tripod for your Wild rangefinder.
Most of the Wild units floating around today are the 1970 and early 1980 units.
Like Roy said, most of these units come with two tripods. The short one fits down inside the long one.
I have a 1944 Wild and that two tripod system was used back then to.

Darryl Cassel
Mine came with both tripods, but the tall one is made for kneeling and I was thinking about using it standing upright. Dan Lilja has some photos on his site of his B&S on an aluminum tripod set up for standing use. The ones that came with the Wild are OK, standing would just be more convienient. Thanks, CJ

I have the same concerns with my unit. My ideal plan is to get another small tripod from D.O. and make an adapter to fit a std camera tripod. I contacted D.O. awhile back and was told that some may be available in the future, I haven't followed up tho..

On a side note, I stripped all the epoxy paint off the tripod legs, found nice oak and refinished using a lite stain poly finish. Looks Great....

If you come up with a better tripod idea, plz post...

if nothing else, go to a good camera shop and check for adaptors -- most wilds and b+r i have run into heve metric screws and irregulaur spacing. a quality camer shop has been able to fix my problems in the past, includinding good heavy duty tripods. jm2cw

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