Why do you rarely see any 243 caliber rifles on here for sale???? Would like to here everyone's opinion of the 243. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
243's, like many 6mm's, are very capable and effective, typically shoot flat, have a dual purpose as varmint and medium game, low recoil, fairly easy to make shoot well, plenty of good bullet and powder choices, tend to be our offspring's first game rifle (that was my case), and are just plain fun to shoot.

Currently, I own 4 rifles in standard 243, one 243AI, and a few 6mm varieties. The 243's range from 20" Ruger carbine style to heavy varmint 26", and at his time, I have no intentions or ever selling any.
I’ve never had a 243. 😬.. But I have had a 6mm Remington Parker Hale (244 the 243s half brother) for 30 years and feel like many of you do about your 243s. It’s killed Many Deer and is not leaving my family!!!
Yes. I have an older 700BDL in standard 6mmRem and a custom 6mmR-AI, and they have taken a lot of game. The 6mm-AI with 105's has reached out past the 800yd mark to take medium game.
The fact that one of the only guns I sold was a Savage 99 in 243 with a birch stock haunts me to this day. I have sold a total of three guns... the other 2 (Savage in 17 her and a Bergara in 6.5 PRC) were only because friends begged me to sell them to them.

I only sold the 243 because I shot a deer with Nosler ballistic tips and the bullet never opened up. And the Simmons scope turned out to be complete garbage. It couldn't handle the "recoil" of being picked up.

I want that rifle back but the guy still won't sell it!!!

I've always been a bit of a 243/6mm fan, but was without one about 10 years ago. The local pawn shop had an older, but clean, R700 ADL in 243. The wood stock and the bluing attracted me to it. $250 and the guy threw in an Echo weedeater with it.

It went to the range with me a few times and I found a nice load for it, but never took it varmint hunting. Eventually it was traded off to a friend for a R700 243 VS in an HS Precision stock. It sees a lot more range time, and earlier this year I even did some long range shooting with it, all the way to 1100 with a 105 Amax.

Nowadays, the 6 Creedmoor has gained popularity and I really like the thought of the 6GT. A much more efficient cartridge and the twist rates are more suited to the type of bullets that I shoot.
THAT is the BEST pawn shop story I’ve ever heard!
Why do you rarely see any 243 caliber rifles on here for sale???? Would like to hear everyone's opinion of the 243. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
Our .243 (Remington M600) is the only rifle in my safe that has been used successfully by four (4) generations of my family. It has been customized a bit, but it surely isn’t going anywhere!
I have my grandfather's old Rem 700 in 243, and you couldn't pay me enough to buy it off of me. I take it out and hunt with it maybe once or twice a year, and at that rate I still have plenty of ammo for it. It is the only rifle I own that I shoot factory ammo out of, and amazingly that ammo is 100 gr Rem Core-Lokts, the old stuff, and it shoots them so well, I have no reason to load anything for it.