Which would you take ???


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Dec 28, 2004
I have had a great 200 gr Accubond load for my 300 win for a couple years now. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. This year while getting in some range time I have shot 200 gr Partitions and 210 Berger VLDs (hunting) with the same success as the Accubons. For my first elk trip what would you have me take?

1. Accubond @ 2900 fps ?

2. Nosler Partition @ 2950 fps?

3. Berger VLD @ 2880 fps ?

I should have just stayed with the Accubond load and saved myself the decision making. Thanks Guys
Test out to 5-600 yards and which ever one groups the best, choose it. (probably the Berger)

The Nosler PT has been the hunting bullet 'by which all others are judged' for many years, with good reason. It kills like the 'Hammer of Thor'. My experience has been with the 150gr .270, and the 250gr .338.

I know I'm old fashioned, but If it shoots with satisfactory accuracy in your rifle, I'd be inclined to choose it.
I am taking the Bergers. I shot again today in a gusty wind, they are better in the wind. Thanks
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