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May 27, 2002
new orelans, la.
I have a 7mm Rem Mag that will shooe 3/4" groups at 200 yards, i presently have 3 x 9 Zeiss on the rifle, I want a maybe 3 x 12 zeiss or Sworski (excuse the spelling) or maybe a night force I have been reading about. I want to shoot 3oo to maybe 7oo yards so I will need a fine crosshair, I also want to be able to shoot in low light conditiond. I have 3 x 12 Zeiss with giant crosshairs & it does not work at really long range, How are the illuminated reticle scopes. Any help would be appreciated.
3 x 12 is really not in the ballgame unless you are shooting Dinosaurs at 700. What are you going to be shooting? I see you have a preference for good glass, European or Nightforce, right?
Will be shooting whitetail deer, I have Zeiss & Swaroski & the optics are great, i Heard Night force is really good. I want a really good scope but do not want to go with 8 x I need a lower power for shitetail hunting.
I have a Fujinon rifle scope in 6-20x, for 400 dollars its hard to beat this scope,It gathers light really well and i can see bullets holes at 500 yards, this scope has a 40mm objective and really fine cross hairs

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Brian, where do you buy Fujinon riflescopes? I have a bino and spotting scope built by them, and they make really good stuff.

A friend of mine was able to order them, you can also find them for sale on the internet. they are really good scopes with a very crisp immage the only problem is that there is only 40inches elevation adjustment other than that fujinon makes very good rifle scope.
Brian, I'm having a HE!! of a time finding anybody who has these scopes, or has even heard of them. Could you put me in touch with your source? I'd really appreciate it.

Fujinon USA in Wayne, NJ was virtually no help, and they just gave me a phone number for the San Diego binocular repair shop. Web searching yields just some questionable NYC area outfits.
Randy in Va, you say "3 x 12 is really not in the ballgame unless you are shooting Dinosaurs at 700" what would you suggest be the min. mag. for 700 yards for shooting deer?
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