Which Scope for .300win mag?


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Nov 24, 2004
Any suggestions or opinions would be appreaciated. I need a long range scope for where I am deer hunting, 6.5-20 or 6-24.
I prefer the Zeiss Conquest to Leuy however that deal on the Mark 4 at Midway is the best, on that scope, I've ever seen. Leupold seems to be the standard that everything else is measured by.
If you are willing to pay a hefty price say
somewhere between 1100 to 1500 dollars
Swarovsky is a good choice as well as Zeiss,
but if you want something a little tamer on
the price Leupold would be my choice. I us
one on top of my 300 win mag in the VXIII,
not as high powered as you want but it does
a fine job out to 600 yards.
I love shooting my 300W.M. at long range and I love high powered scopes ,but for a deer hunting gun my favorite is a 4.5x14 ,the higher powered scopes are not as versatile for big game IMHO
where are you from? where do you hunt? How far are you going to shoot/ consider long range?

To many undefined variables to give you an intelligent answer....
I live and hunt in Arkansas and have some 500+ yard shots on my lease. The main reason I am wanting a more powerful scope is for the ability to size up a rack in a hurry. I don't always have time to use binoculars. My Leupold Vari XIII 3.5-10 works okay, but I think more power would be better for rack checking. I was thinking along the lines of the Leupold VX III 6.5-20 or maybe even a Burris 6-24 Signature Series, but eye releif is a concern on the Burris.
Midway does have a great price on the 6.5-20. It is a little over kill for what you need but the price is hard to ignore.

the racks should look the same at any power if you use the deers ears chest and butt to measure antlers.. but I understand your need
The higher powers are great, but the higher
you go the more it amplifies your heart beat,
and this translate into more movment all a
longer distance unless you have or can get
a good steady rest for the shot.
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