Which magnification range.

I would go with the 4x16 hands down. For every thing you shoot beyond 500 you will shoot 10 times at less range. At least this has been my experience. To tell you I have shot most of my Antelope at just under 300 yds in MT & WY where we have hunted. Deer have been at less range. Yes we practice and test loads at long range but end up having them closer when they show up. I do most of my hunting on foot.
What variable power would you favor for a Rem 700 in a 300 win mag to be used for Elk and possibly Mule's in the mountains. I like as big field of view as I can get when setting the scope down to it's lowest setting. As I have found a big difference in many brands of variable power scopes when it comes to field of view on their lowest power settings. Got a Vortex 4x16 Viper on a 243 for long range Yotes and love it. I would like to see through one of the new Nightforce SHV scopes. So has any one tried the new SHV scopes out yet??
Aim small, miss small gun)
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