Which magnification?


Feb 6, 2002
Oslo, Norway
I am looking to buy a new riflescope and wonder what magnification you would recommend for work out to about 600 metres?

I have always used 3-9s, but am currently looking at 3-12 or 4-16.

Some shooters do great with fixed 10x at the range you mention. I know a guy who won a match (contested from 200y to 1,000y) with his 3.5-10x Leupold M3, set the whole time at 3.5x!

I like 16x a lot, so you might have a look at a 4-16x and see how it seems vs. what you are used to. As important as magnification will be the parallax adjustment feature. Most 3-9 scopes don't have that, so you're stuck using what's preset from the factory. I recommend scopes, esp. for long range shooting, with parallax adjustment. This enables you to ensure that your reticle is on the same vertical plane as your target, eliminating errors caused by inconsistent head position of the shooter.

For most any kind of shooting, I think the Leupold 6.5-20x50 'LR' model (with side knob for parallax) is nearly perfect.

Good luck, whatever you choose.
What power range does everyone like for 1500-2000 yard shooting? I was thinking a variable power that topped out at 20-22x

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I agree with S1 with the Nightforce 3.5x15x56 for big game under 1000 meters I would go with more magnification if small varmints were the target.

sr90 I think the nightforce 5.5x22 would work for big game to 2000 yards I am using the Nightforce 8x32x56 at present but this summer will be getting a 5.5x22x56
Crow Mag
Should probably have added that I'm talking mainly for hunting large game.
Thanks for the feedback! Will probably go with something higher than 3-12, then....
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