Which Leupold scope to buy????

Matt Regalia

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Oct 9, 2001
Livonia, MI
I have narrowed it down to 2 scopes. I am looking at a "new in box" Varx III 4.5 X 14 Tactical with Mil-Dot reticle (LEU49208) and the new Mark 4 PR (Precision Rifle) 4.5 X 14 LR (LEU56130). It is going on my 308 for Hi-Power Silhouette Shooting and tactical match shooting. Both scopes have plenty of internal elevation to get me to 1000 yds (I have a Ken Farrel 20 MOA tapered base). Does anyone have any info on the "New" Mark 4 series scopes. The old Vari X III scopes are very nice (current have 3 other Vari X III's) are the Marks 4's better? The Mark 4 does have a 30mm tube and 95 inches of elevation where the 1 inch tube Vari X III has 67. With price not an issue which would be the better choice?


neither--I like the new vx 3 Long range -- 4.5-14 x 40 with a 30mm tube and side focus -- has mid size turrets -- bout 590$ from The Optic Zone -- sweet scope, and the next one i will buy to grace my 308.

The turrets i saw looked visible from shooting position. I guess, i'll heve to see one in person before i buy


That was my only concern from the picture. I will have to check it out in person as well. Although the Mark 4 is only a few dollars more than the on you listed ($15 difference to be exact). If I can get the Mark 4 for that price still I will.

The only difference with the old Vari-X III Tacticals and the new Mark 4 is the new Index Matched Lens System. What this so called improved Lens System? I am not sure. From reviews that I have go back from customers on the new Lens System, is that they can not tell the difference in clarity or brightness between the old and new Multicoat 4.

I like the taller turrets. From what I can tell that scope you referenced does not have turrets at all. Just low dials that you can not read from behind the gun. Or maybe the picture I saw was wrong for that scope. I want to be able to read the turrets from behind the rifle in my shooting position (prone).

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